I Wish I Had Known…Advice for Adjusting to New Custody and Parenting Plans

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Divorce can be a painful and difficult process especially when children are involved. The arrival of the I Wish I Had Known Family Law Blogfinal divorce judgment day can bring an overwhelming sense of relief and closure. In some cases, however, the change in family dynamics can present new emotions as the family begins to adjust to their new schedules and living arrangements. In the article, “The Hardest Part of My Divorce Has Nothing to Do With My Marriage,” one woman’s journey is highlighted as she learns that her new “normal” brings her feelings of heart break and loss, but offers some good advice on how to move forward and adjust to new custody and parenting plans.

The Hardest Part of My Divorce Has Nothing to Do With My Marriage” by Margaret E. Jacobson was published on the Huffington Post.

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