Introducing: The Schoolyard Lawyer


Starting today, The Schoolyard Lawyer is up and running and is a place where I will be blogging weekly on different Education, Special Education, and Bullying topics.

The Special Education entries will be geared towards parents of children with disabilities, special education teachers, and others interested in how the law protects children with disabilities.

The bullying entries will be two-fold. First, it will offer victims, parents of victims, and attorneys who deal with victims and/or their parents a place to learn about the law and its role in the education process and school system. Second, it will also serve as a resource for children who have been unfairly labeled as a “bully” and their respective parents. Because the law is so new and schools are addressing the issue and implementing the bullying prevention plans for the first time, many students are unnecessarily labeled as a “bully” when that is not the case. The Schoolyard Lawyer will address these issues as well in an attempt to offer guidance to these students and their families.

If you are a parent of a child with disabilities, a student involved in incidents of bullying, a parent of a child who is involved in incidents of bullying, or you simply are interested and have questions, please feel free to contact me. I welcome all comments and suggestions, so please email me at