New Mass – Israel Partnership- Good Business for Massachusetts

Milt Kerstein, Robert A. Finkel and Geoffrey Lewis Geoffrey H. Lewis, Robert A. Finkel

Massachusetts Governor D Patrick is to be congratulated for his continued efforts to promote business relationships between Massachusetts and the State of Israel. This June, Massachusetts and Israel launched a new partnership designed to finance joint R&D projects in the life sciences, clean energy and technology industries. Please see, Massachusetts and Israel Unveil $2 Million Agreement to Finance Joint R&D Projects That Foster Economic Development. This followed the Governor’s recent visit to Israel where he witnessed firsthand the wonders of Israeli innovation and the sophistication of its business community. Promoting ties with Israel is good business for Massachusetts.  There are presently over 100 companies in Massachusetts with Israeli connections generating billions in revenue in Massachusetts for these companies and the local firms that service them.  In addition, this relationship provides employment for thousands of our Massachusetts residents.

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