Change in Circumstances Does Not Warrant Change in Child Support Agreement

KCL E. Steven Coren

By: KCL ~ December 19, 2016

Family law attorney E. Steven Coren was able to demonstrate in court that there was no change in circumstances to support changing a divorced couple’s previously agreed upon child support plan.

At the time of the divorce, the parents, who share custody of the child, agreed that neither parent would pay child support. The mother, who has since remarried and returned to work, recently requested the father pay child support. In order to change the child support agreement, the mother would have to show a change in circumstances necessitating a change in the child support order. Representing the father in the case, Mr. Coren was able to show that the change in circumstances actually favored the father, who had lost his job and was unemployed.

The judge agreed with Mr. Coren and denied a change in child support.

About E. Steven Coren

E. Steven Coren has 40 years of experience representing clients in divorce and family law issues, probate litigation and personal injury cases. He is an approved mediator for the Middlesex and Norfolk Probate and Family Courts where he is appointed to mediate divorce actions and probate disputes.

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