Copyright Law

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Copyright Law

Whether clients are publishing books, launching journals, developing apps, or collaborating on products, their intellectual property should be protected and made accessible to others in a way that maximizes its impact and value. KCL attorneys have extensive experience meeting the needs of organizations, businesses and individuals working in all forms of media. We negotiate licensing and distribution agreements, and advise on “fair use,” use of social media, and consulting agreements involving intellectual property. For employers, we craft internal policies that assure employer ownership of employee-generated materials and appropriate use of third party materials.

Nonprofits and Intellectual Property

When our nonprofit clients wish to protect and generate revenue from their copyrightable works or license use of their trademarks, we advise them on how to do so without adversely affecting their funding or tax exempt status. For libraries, museums and other institutional clients seeking to preserve their collections and make them more widely accessible to the public, KCL attorneys have expertise in digitization agreements.

Data Sharing and Privacy

The ease with which intellectual property and data of all kinds is currently shared presents both advantages and risks to organizations and individuals. Our attorneys advise clients on nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, data privacy laws, “takedown” notices for intellectual property infringement, and responses to breaches of confidential personal information.