The Schoolyard Lawyer: My Child is Not Eligible for Special Education Services But Needs Accommodations

Jonathan Davis Jonathan Davis

If your child has been found not eligible for Special Education services under the IDEA, he or she may still be eligible under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. If eligible, accommodations are provided to students under Section 504.

Accommodations do not have to be major services provided by the school system. Instead, they can be as simple as moving the child to the front of the classroom or giving the child extra time to complete tests and assignments. Parents and school staff need to remember that fairly routine minor modifications can help a child succeed.

If your child is found eligible under Section 504, then the school or program must provide accommodations that are designed to help the child achieve. Examples of possible accommodations are:

  • Moving the child to the front of the class
  • Giving the child extra time to complete tests and assignments
  • Having the child work with an instructional assistant
  • Getting someone to take notes for the child
  • Moving the child to a special classroom

Also, Section 504 children can be eligible for different services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, or other appropriate services.

If your child is ineligible under IDEA but is still in need of services, contact our office and we can help you determine if he/she is eligible under Section 504.