The Schoolyard Lawyer: Summertime Bullies


Summer is sadly almost half way over and kids are off at summer camps throughout the state and country. It is important to remember that bullying can occur at camp just as easily as it can occur at school. If you are concerned that your child will be bullied while away at camp, there are steps you should take to ensure your child is protected.

First, talk to your child about bullying and discuss different strategies for him or her to respond to incidents where they are being bullied or teased.

Second, find out if the camp has an anti-bullying policy. It is possible, especially in states with laws prohibiting bullying in schools, that camps will have an anti-bullying policy in place. Review it with your child before he or she leaves so they are aware that the camp counselors will protect him or her if needed.

Third, if you fear that your child is a target of bullying, let the camp know. Camp counselors will be able to keep an eye out for your child to make sure that no one is bullying him or her.

Finally, if necessary for your own sanity, check in with your child’s camp counselor to see how things are going. However, be sure not to take advantage of this and pester the counselor!