Top Ten Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

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By: Steve Coren

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is an alternative available to divorcing couples that would like to play an active role in the decision making process.  A divorce mediator is a neutral third party hired by a couple that wishes to pursue a divorce in a non-threatening controlled environment.  The husband and wife jointly hire the mediator who will guide the couple through a series of one to two hour sessions in order to help them arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement agreement.  The parties will have the flexibility to make decisions and negotiate on their own behalf concerning important issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and asset division.  To assist you with your decision consider the following top ten reasons to choose mediation:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Choose Mediation?

  1. A professional mediator is a neutral facilitator often chosen by divorcing couples who wish to maintain an amicable relationship with each other.  The mediator enables the parties to reach an outcome that meet their individual needs and goals.
  2. The mediator is completely impartial and has no personal, professional, or financial connections with the parties, their counsel, or the issue that needs to be resolved.
  3. Mediation can significantly minimize the cost and stress of your divorce by encouraging cooperative decision-making.  In most cases, resolution of a dispute through mediation will be less expensive than ordinary litigation because mediation narrows the focus of the parties to the facts needed to settle the case.
  4. Mediation can provide a private and confidential setting where you can decide and plan your family’s future.
  5. Mediation is a completely voluntary process and offers an alternative to traditional litigation.  Participants have the ability to negotiate with each other in terms of alimony, child support, and asset valuation and division.
  6. A mediator can help level the playing field, and elicit all thoughts and concerns in a non-confrontational setting.
  7. Mediation allows the parties’ flexibility in negotiating alimony, child support, and asset valuation and division.
  8. Mediation encourages creative solutions to child custody issues.  The mediator will assist you in developing an appropriate parenting plan that will be in the best interest of the child, one that takes into consideration a child’s age, school, activities and educational, physical or emotional needs. For example, a schedule for an infant is going to be looked at differently than parenting time for a school-aged child.
  9. By resolving disputes quickly through mediation, parties are often in a better position to preserve existing relationships that might otherwise deteriorate under the strain of litigation.
  10. The Mediator can help consolidate expenses by writing the legal divorce agreement and the court-required filings.

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E. Steven Coren has 40 years of experience representing clients in divorce and family issues, probate litigation and personal injury cases. He is an approved mediator for the Middlesex and Norfolk Probate and Family Courts where he is appointed to mediate divorce actions and probate disputes. Steve can be reached at 781-997-1561 or