Andra Hutchins Quoted in “Homeowner not bound by acceptance of settlement” in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

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By: KCL ~ September 13, 2022

A homeowner suing over the alleged unconstitutional taking of her home in New Bedford for unpaid taxes was not bound by her prior acceptance of a $65,000 settlement because defense counsel subsequently insisted on confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions as part of the agreement. The city of New Bedford and a tax lien investment business that initiated the tax foreclosure proceeding tried to enforce the $65,000 settlement after the homeowner backed out of the settlement, however, a U.S. District Court judge concluded there was no binding settlement agreement between the parties because there was no agreement on a material term of the contract: confidentiality.

Andra Hutchins spoke with Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly about the case, stating that the decision follows the black letter of the law: “We all learned this in first year contracts,” she said. “There must be a ‘meeting of the minds’ on all essential terms. If not, there is no contract and it cannot be enforced.” Andra added that, in her experience, confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses are treated as material terms of a settlement. “When it’s an individual versus an entity, and the entity is a defendant…the entity is almost always pushing for those terms because they don’t want to be bad-mouthed, especially [in this era] of social media.”

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