Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

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(formerly known as Department of Social Services- DSS)

Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein represents those who find themselves involved with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), formerly known as the Department of Social Services.

51A Reports – Suspected Abuse/Neglect of Children

DCF investigates reports of suspected abuse and/or neglect of children. These reports, known as 51A reports, may come from sources such as school teachers, doctors, therapists, family members, police, or clergy. Upon receipt of a 51A report, DCF contacts the parent or guardian of the child and conducts an investigation. In cases where DCF has found abuse and/or neglect, the child may be removed from the home, though most cases do not involve removal of children from their homes.

It is very difficult to face DCF without legal representation. Because there is a possibility you could lose custody of your child(ren), you should always seek the advice of an attorney. Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein represents parents who have had 51A reports filed against them and are being investigated by DCF.  Our representation can include attendance during home visits by a DCF social worker, assistance during the investigative and/or legal process, representation in court proceedings, and appeal of a finding of abuse or neglect.  We can also help you if you have concerns regarding your spouse’s or partner’s treatment of your child.

If you become involved in a DCF matter, Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein is ready to represent you.