Guardianships and Conservatorships

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Although it may be unexpected, you may find yourself one day caring for your children, grandchildren, parents, nieces, or nephews because they may be unable to care for themselves. Conversely, you may want to challenge an existing custody arrangement of a child who is not your own because you believe that the parent or court appointed guardian is unfit to care for the child. Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein represents parents, siblings, and other relatives who seek to obtain guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one.

Our attorneys can help you understand your rights and responsibilities as you make these important decisions. It is important to remember that being a guardian or conservator involves a variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities may include:

  • Making Health Care and End-Of-Life Decisions.
  • Making Housing Arrangements.
  • Making Education Decisions.
  • Paying Living and other Expenses.
  • Making Investment Decisions.

Caring for a loved one who can no longer care for himself or herself can be an extremely emotional decision and fighting for those rights can be a contentious process. Our experienced attorneys will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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