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Mediation is a voluntary process in which opposing parties in a family law dispute work with a neutral mediator who helps the parties to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.  Mediation can be a desirable way to settle family law disputes.  For example, if a divorce can be mediated so that both parties work together to arrive at an agreement that is fair to both, the parties may be spared the anxiety and financial cost of litigation.

When children are involved, custody, child support, and visitation issues must be addressed as part of the divorce process. Mediation can spare the parties the stress of a contested divorce and, because the outcome is agreed upon, communication between the parties is likely to remain more amicable. This tends to create a better environment for all those involved, especially the children.

However, mediation is not appropriate in all contested divorce cases.  Our attorneys are available to help you determine whether mediation is a good choice in your situation.