Education Law

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At Kerstein, Coren & Lichtenstein, our attorneys represent individuals in all aspects of Education Law. We are dedicated to representing students and their families in School Discipline, Student Rights, Special Education, and Bullying issues. Our Education Law team of lawyers is committed to helping students and their families make the right decisions in order to attain each student’s educational goals. We understand how important education is, and we tirelessly advocate for every student we represent.

School Discipline

We have successfully represented those who have been wrongfully expelled, excluded, or dismissed from their schools or colleges, as well as those who wish to challenge a suspension or other disciplinary action. If you or your child is involved in a school discipline action and is facing possible dismissal, suspension, or expulsion from your school or program, we are able to represent you, advise you, and help prepare you for your hearing.

Special Education

Our Special Education Law team is dedicated to advocating for children with disabilities and their families. We help parents understand Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s), review documents such as IEP’s and uations, attend Team meetings, protect Special Education students under the Massachusetts Anti-Bullying law, negotiate with the school district and/or school attorney, advocate for proper services and accommodations, and represent students and their families in front of the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.


The Massachusetts Anti-Bullying law is in effect and schools are beginning to implement their bullying prevention plans. Although the purpose of the Anti-Bullying law is to prevent bullying in schools, the law creates various potential legal issues for all those involved. These issues not only affect the schools but extend to victims of bullying, the persons accused of bullying, and the respective parents.  If your child is being bullied, being unfairly labeled as a bully, or you are in dispute with the school over an alleged bullying incident, contact our office and one of our attorneys will assist you.

Higher Education

We also represent colleges and universities in all Higher Education Matters. Our firm serves as general counsel to a number of colleges and universities throughout New England.

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