Business Disputes

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Our business disputes attorneys provide a holistic approach to representing our business clients, integrating our skills in negotiation, litigation, contract law, the law of entities, tax law, employment law, financing, real estate law, and intellectual property. Our ethos is to use common sense and to be sensitive to the cost/benefit ratio in analyzing, recommending, and pursuing legal solutions to business problems.

Additionally, many of our business attorneys have extensive business experience and genuinely enjoy working with entrepreneurs as they launch, finance, and grow their businesses, and resolve disputes that may arise. We advise startups and small to medium sized companies on topics such as business formation, business purchase or sale, contract review and formation, collections, business-to-business disputes, and many other aspects and types of disputes.

We can help identify intellectual property rights, such as trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks.  We can help file for copyright or register your trademarks, and we also prosecute and defend trademark, copyright, and trade secrets misappropriation and infringement claims-both in and outside of court.

We work hard to keep your costs down and to provide you with a choice of options.