The Innovator’s Counsel


Welcome all to the first installment of the Innovator’s Counsel! This blog will, in the coming weeks and months, devote itself to issues of interest to innovators and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make this blog a must read for those who have started a new business or who are interested in starting a business.

Here at the Innovator’s Counsel, we want to be a resource to you and intend to cover topics that will be of interest to those who have a business, who are in the process of starting a business, or even have an idea that you’re thinking about turning into a business. If you’re thinking about putting that idea to work we would like to be a resource for you. As famed Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt said, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”  The Innovator’s Counsel would like to be a resource for when you decide to “do”!

A little bit about myself, I am an attorney and I have been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 2008. In my practice, I have advised entrepreneurs as they start and form their businesses, as well as more established enterprises, regarding corporate formation and governance, employment issues, contracts, leases, and other commercial issues which business owners frequently encounter. The most rewarding part of my legal practice is working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve their vision, while helping them avoid both imminent and downstream issues that could derail their efforts or, at a minimum, distract their focus from producing a quality product or providing a quality service.

Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton as a management consultant where I worked with a variety of clients to solve complex problems.  I completed my undergraduate and legal studies at Boston College and Boston College Law School, respectively. I look forward to putting my experience to good use and hopefully will become a resource to all of you innovators and entrepreneurs!